Releasing a new version

  1. Update version number in the following places:
    • recast3d/conda/meta.yaml
    • slicerecon/conda/meta.yaml
    • slicerecon/
    • tomopackets/conda/meta.yaml
    • tomopackets/
  2. Edit
    1. Change [Unreleased] to [X.Y.Z] - YYYY-MM-DD
    2. Add compare link at the bottom of the document
    3. Use commit message Release X.Y.Z.
  3. Build conda packages:
    1. Run conda build . in {recast3d,slicerecon,tomopackets}/conda/
    2. Upload to the cicwi channel of
  4. Merge develop into master.
  5. Make a new release on GitHub and copy the the content of the old [Unreleased] section of the CHANGELOG into the description.