REConstruction of Arbitrary Slices in Tomography

This project contains a full-stack implementation of a tomographic reconstruction and visualization pipeline.

RECAST3D is visualization software for tomographic imaging based on on-demand reconstruction of arbitrary slices, and is built for use in a distributed, real-time, and online reconstruction pipeline.

The repository also contains two support libraries, TomoPackets and SliceRecon.

The TomoPackets library defines a protocol for sending messages between the different components (scanners, reconstruction nodes, visualization workstations) for real-time tomographic reconstruction and we encourage its use also outside of RECAST3D.

SliceRecon contains efficient implementations for reconstructing arbitrarily oriented slices through a 3D volume. It defines servers that are able to communicate to data sources (using TomoPackets) and visualization software (such as, but not exclusively, RECAST3D).


For installation instructions, see the installation documentation.


RECAST3D is developed by the Computational Imaging group at CWI. Original author:

  • Jan-Willem Buurlage (@jwbuurlage)

Contributions by:

  • Holger Kohr (@kohr-h)
  • Willem Jan Palenstijn (@wjp)
  • Allard Hendriksen (@ahendriksen)
  • Adriaan Graas (@adriaangraas)
  • Daan Pelt (@dmpelt)


We welcome contributions. Please submit pull requests against the develop branch.

If you have any issues, questions, or remarks, then please open an issue on GitHub.

Publications using RECAST3D

Article Code
Real-time reconstruction and visualisation … at TOMCAT. Sci.Rep. DOI
Real-time quasi-3D tomographic reconstruction. MST. DOI

Please cite us

If you have used RECAST3D for a scientific publication, we would appreciate citations to the following paper:

Real-time quasi-3D tomographic reconstruction. JW Buurlage, H Kohr, WJ Palenstijn, KJ Batenburg. Measurement Science and Technology (2018)


This project is licensed under the GPL. See for details.